Corporate Video gets a Makeover

Corporate video gets a makeover and looks gorgeous - Mediakinetic - Basingstoke - Hampshire

The words Corporate Video Production often fill the person tasked with producing said company video with dread. After all, the words themselves sound pretty dated –“video” is a thing of the past and reminiscent of VHS tapes in a loft somewhere.

The new Corporate Video is now “Business TV”, which is a much better description of a medium that is now much more accessible to businesses of any size, affordable, far reaching, trackable, fast and engaging. In essence, Corporate Video has been Gok Wan’d, had a complete makeover, and is much more sexy and attractive to a wider audience.

Accessible to all – The Business Selfie.

In years gone by, corporate video production or advertising was something only large corporations considered due to the delivery channels available and budgets required. Now, Business TV is accessible to even the smallest business through a vast array of delivery channels from company homepages, YouTube and Vimeo Channels, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In. You only need to take a train or bus to work and over half your commuter audience is reading their twitter and facebook feeds on their way to work. You have a captive audience, you just need to get them sharing! If you share a video, people are much more likely to watch it than just a text or web link tweet or posting. Did you know it’s also much easier to rank on page 1 of YouTube than of Google using descriptive keywords for your film?

I want to go Viral!

Yes, we would all love to be a YouTube sensation and achieve “Charlie bit my finger” size hits in a week, however, to get there, you need to understand the core principles of what makes something “viral”. Generally speaking a talking head (unless it’s a very funny baby or a dog singing Amazing Grace whilst playing a bango) isn’t going to go viral. As a golden rule viral videos are either funny, amazing, shocking, quirky, fascinating, weird or sad. They stir an emotional reaction and therefore engage and create shares, likes and links.

Video Stylist

Just like skinny jeans, not every fashion will work for your business, so you should tailor your film according to the needs of the business. Who are your audience? What is your message? How can you Help them? If you’re looking to sell a product, show how brilliant it is and how it’s helped others. If you want to raise awareness of your brand, viral may be for you. If you want to engage with your employees, involve them and make it a cultural piece about the business.  If you want to engage with your customer base, research their needs and then show how you can help them.

Educate and Help rather than Sell

Today’s audiences are pretty savvy and can smell a sales pitch a mile off. No one likes a hard sell. When they visit your page or channel, they are often looking to solve a Business problem so it’s important that you educate and help your audience rather than sell. Find what works for them, not for you. In the words of Marketing Guru @Jaybaer “If you sell, you’ll make a customer today, if you help, you’ll make a customer for life”.

Compromise in the right places – Looking Gorgeous.

When looking to produce your first film for Business TV, compromise in the right places. Inevitably budgets vary wildly, so think about your available budget and what you want to realistically achieve. A good production company will advise and guide you through the process. There’s no doubt, you’re the expert when it comes to your Business and key messages, but trust their guidance in how to achieve your objectives. It should be a collaboration.

With any production there are areas of compromise, such as level of camera equipment, number of days filming, cost of music and graphics. Try not to compromise on the important factors, such as getting a professional to film your production. If you employ a novice, you could end up spending twice over. Get it right first time and you can repurpose some great looking footage and create lots of different content.

Posted: 12/03/2014 11:31:48 by Lindsay Barker