Webcast - Engaging a brand community


Reaching your stakeholders or brand community quickly is imperative when major announcements are imminent. For years the big players such as Apple have been using webcasts as a means of reaching their community with new product announcements or updates. People actively tune in to be first to hear the news.

Webcasting is rapidly becoming the norm for companies across the globe to impart financial results, new product information or simply connect with their following. Mediakinetic not only facilitate major event live streams, but our team also work on regular smaller webcasts with companies whom have embraced this idea.  Here are a few examples:

Pharmaceutical - Create a Live Q&A

A major UK Pharmaceutical partner worked with our Streaming Manager to create a private webcast and live-phone in with Doctors around the world to discuss a new pharmaceuitcal product on the market, its features and benefits. With private registration and login it allowed the client to capture the data of interested parties and keep the discussion within a closed forum.

Financial - Performance data

Many large corporations and FTSE100 companies are now opting to announce their financial results online to shareholders through live audio and video webcasts. We work with MoneySupermarket on a regular basis to announce their latest performance details.

Gas and Oil Industry - Major Announcements

Mediakinetic worked with Schlumberger, the worlds largest Oilfield Services Company and INP (The Institute of National Petroleum) to announce the new areas in Mozambique available for competitive bidding to explore for hydrocarbons via a live webcast. This provided a level playing field for  interested parties to have access to the same information live across the globe at the same time. Viewing online allowed for full screen slides and data led by presenter commentary. A video on demand option was also available for participants to watch back the essential parts of the presentation afterwards.

These are just a few examples of how we are working with companies to use a webcast or live streaming to reach their audience. Other applications might be a Question and Answer session with a specialist, a product demo for a worldwide audience, an announcement of an update or new feature. The possibilities are endless and could undoubtedly apply to any brand in any location.
To find out more about how webscasts or live streaming could work for you, get in touch.

Posted: 16/07/2015 13:20:17 by Lindsay Barker