Interactive Video in 2016


Video has traditionally behaved in a linear storytelling fashion, but is it engaging quickly enough and giving users the interactivity they enjoy from other media?  With a wealth of information at their fingertips, viewers want to be able to select the content that’s most relevant or have the option to control the narrative.

Your time short audience is now used to online advertising and the rise of 15 second video on Vine and Instagram has made for an impatient video audience that demands to be engaged quickly with messages delivered more effectively. So how do you stop your audience clicking away?

The future is interactive video content. With trends predicting video will account for 90% of internet traffic, interactive video is fast becoming a big market. Youtube and other hosting platforms have explored the use of live links which allow the viewer to pause and click away from the film which has been popular with the retail sector, but what about actually controlling the narrative?

Deloitte New Zealand worked with Little Sister Films to promote their graduate recruitment campaign using interactive video. They put the viewer in a range of challenging situations to test what they would do. The agency spent a week in the Deloitte head office filming the point-of-view scenarios. Motion graphics, sound effects and dialogue were added in post to give the video a gaming feel.


Phillips wanted to engage a new generation of European men and introduce them to the style possibilities their new electric razor could afford them. Approached in an entertaining, short, playful and interactive way it matched their consumers viewing habits perfectly and turned a passive audience into an interactive one.


Interactive video is revolutionizing the way brands communicate with results that are much more memorable. With that level of choice and interactivity comes a more complex production process. Interactive video requires more planning and technology but the rewards are there to be reaped. We think this is the way businesses and brands will be moving in 2016 to appeal to an audience that is demanding greater choice and faster delivery of information in a seamless, immersive and engaging experience.
Posted: 28/01/2016 12:18:25 by Lindsay Barker