Google video trends

Video Rankings
According to Cisco, future trends predict 90% of all Internet traffic will be video. Yes, 90%! So what online video presence does your business have? Businesses that heed these current and future trends are likely to be one step ahead of their competitors. When looking to reach a wider audience, businesses often overlook video content because it seems more complex and challenging than other text and image based mediums. The focus is often on SEO and Social Media, however, it’s video that can drive further engagement in both these areas.

Time-Short Consumers

As audiences become increasingly time-short and demand information faster and just a couple of clicks away, video is fast becoming an important part of communcations for brands and businesses.  It’s an affordable, accessible, engaging, trackable and social way to share your business messages.

Google Algorithms favour video

Thanks to the ever-changing algorithms of Google and how people are searching for information, websites with videos embedded are 50 times more likely to hit page 1 on Google. It’s far easier to get a You Tube video ranked on page 1 than a website and the two feed each other for SEO optimisation.

Social Media Response Rates

Video also delivers a much higher response rate than text. It’s faster to deliver the information (such as a product demo or training) and it’s visual nature means greater information retention.  On social media, videos receive a 40% higher interaction rate.

Educate, Help and Share

The purpose of video is also changing and both Google and YouTube search parameters recognize this. It’s no longer driven by a rather selfish hard sell, advertising approach. It’s much more about providers offering consumers a solution to a problem, so it’s important your content aims to educate or help the viewer. A how to or informative approach reaps rewards and sharing knowledge is key.

Retention Rates

As a rule of thumb an online viewers’ attention rate is a maximum of 3 minutes. Anything beyond this must have a reason to keep the viewers attention such as a product demo that requires a longer explanation. If your film has to be longer than 90seconds – 3minutes understand why and create bit-sized viewing chunks with stopping gaps or visually engaging breaks. Consider a shorter version to host on your main page that drives viewers to a video series on a youtube channel, therefore creating your own Business TV channel.

Start a Conversation.

Viewers want to be involved and asked their opinion. By starting a conversation and allowing viewers to comment on your videos, you’re engaging with them further. When seeding out your video on social media use questions to start a conversation such as “What do you think of our new film on…?” rather than “Here’s our film…” which is a closed conversation and less likely to drive interaction, likes, comments and most importantly shares.

Call To Action

Finally, don’t forget when creating video content you should where possible leave your viewers with a call to action, be that where to go for further information or the next video in the series. This helps to drive traffic to other parts of your website and other videos on your YouTube or Vimeo channel.
Posted: 09/04/2014 10:18:51 by Lindsay Barker